Excel and Artificial Intelligence for Trading Book

VBA Programming and AI Algorithms to operate profitably in the financial markets

Book Excel and Artificial Intelligence for Trading Petrelli Donata Fabrizio Cesarini LSWR Publishing

Authors : Donata Petrelli e Fabrizio Cesarini
Foreword by : Alessandro Onano
Publisher : Edizioni LSWR
Edition : First Edition
Publication Date: October 2018
Binding : Paperback
Format : 17×24 cm
Pages : 384
Series : Business Models
Language : Italiano
ISBN-10 : 8868956918
ISBN-13 : 9788868956912

Today, operating in the financial markets requires a wealth of knowledge and a strong command of instruments that was never before required. Mathematicsstatisticstechnical analysis and programming are used by traders to analyse and make their own decisions.

Excel and artificial intelligence for trading meets all these requirements: from VBA programming to data search and processing, through mathematical models and artificial intelligence, we can develop a trading system and complete applications up to understanding the principle of operation of the Robo Advisors.

The book uses Excel to its full potential and does so with a simple style and full of practical examples and case studies. All source codes are available for immediate use by the reader.

The book proposes an entire mathematical model called Petrelli-Cesarini Model that, despite its purely educational purposes, will allow the reader to understand the entire process of creating a model and its implementation in order to make predictions on the financial markets.

Manage your financial future profitably by riding the Fintech revolution is now possible!


  • Chapter 1 : Excel and VBA
  • Chapter 2 : Financial data
  • Chapter 3 : Trading systems and other tools
  • Chapter 4 : Mathematical models
  • Chapter 5: Artificial intelligence
  • Chapter 6: Forecasting model
  • Chapter 7 : Robo Advisor

Main Topics

  • Excel and VBA
  • Financial data and their sources
  • API
  • CSV, XML and JSON formats
  • Basic and advanced charts
  • Technical analysis
  • Watchlist
  • Portfolio
  • Analysis, design and development of a Trading System
  • Mathematical models
  • Forecasting
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robots and Finite State Machines
  • Data Mining
  • Robo Advisor

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What people say about this book

“A text that every Data Scientist and Big Data Expert should keep on their bedside table” – Aldo Razzino Headhunter and Managing Director of Open Search Network

“Fintech is changing our relationship with banks and traditional finance and will do so more and more in the future. This book gives us the tools to understand tomorrow’s finance” – Fabrizio Villani – CoFounder & Head of Growth Fintastico | FinTech | Top 10 Insurtech IoT Leader

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