Petrelli and Cesarini’s Price Prediction Model

The Petrelli and Cesarini’s Price Prediction Model can forecast with good accuracy the next price for a specific financial asset

The PCPPM it’s bases on a clustering method know as K-Means algorithm and elaborates a probabilistic evaluation system for the estimation of the future value through the use of a mathematical index calculated using the formula PETRELLI-CESARINI

Book Excel and Artificial Intelligence for Trading Petrelli Donata Fabrizio Cesarini LSWR Publishing

Where can I find the explanation of this model ?

The lite version of the model, with some limitation, is fully and detailed described in chapter 6 of the book Excel and Artificial Intelligence for trading of which we also provide the source code.

Despite being the lite version of the model is equally functional and usable to be able to study its logic and apply it successfully in its field


The model already in its formulation present in the book can be used within a Trading System.

Complete variants of the model are used within our software

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