Financial Data Proxy

nostopit Financial Data Proxy (briefly nostopitFDP or FDP) collects financial data from multiple sources, performs various pre-processing and stores it locally providing a unified and simplified access interface. It provides management of big data related to financial markets.

In the market there are many solutions for the provision of financial data, but each solution has its own logic of connection, interrogation and consultation with different access modes and costs that are sometimes difficult to manage.
Accessing different sources means studying all the access logics of each source with a huge expenditure of time and resources.
We searched the market for a solution that would allow us to simplify all this, but we found only intermediate and not complete solutions.
This led to the idea of solving the problem ourselves by creating a platform that would simplify everything and provide additional functionality.
In addition, our solution had to have other advantages including cost reduction, increased performance and the ability to work offline.
This led to the idea of creating our own data archive. Over the years, we have perfected it by adding new features, improving performance and adding new data sources.
This technology is the basis of all our products and services and we have decided to make it available to companies that have the same needs as us.


The use of FDP brings many advantages

  • Reduced data access times
  • Pre-processed data
  • Reduces the number of API/WS calls
  • Reduced software or application development time due to standardized and simplified access
  • Reduced data access costs
  • Ability to perform offline work on data
  • New data processing possibilities due to massive local data presence
  • Possibility of reselling the data supply service
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