Microsoft Excel Self-Evaluation Test

This quick and easy quiz helps you better understand your level of knowledge of Microsoft Excel software. The quiz is completely free, anonymous and you can do it as many times as you want.
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1. Which command allows you to format the text of a cell so that it is arranged on several lines of the same cell?


2. To select the entire D column of a worksheet we have to …


3. Looking at this code snippet :

Dim A As String

A = "5"

A = A + 3

What will be the final value of A ?


4. If the average of the prices shown in the table is 9 indicate the result of the function

=COUNTIF(B2:B13;”>” & AVERAGE(B2:B13)) 


5. Which of the following graphs is of type “Histogram” ?





6. The error message “#DIV/0!” appears when …


7. What is the right definition for a Pivot table?


8. Is the following function correct ?



9. Using within a formula the following cell reference =$G2 …


10. We insert the value 50 into cell B2.
Write the correct result of the following function:


11. What is the correct function that retrieves the value from the “Codice Personale” column corresponding to the value of the cell D2=Guidi Luciano?

Note: Names and codes are totally random as they are irrelevant to the exercise.


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Note: This test was born from an idea of the authors of the book and all the questions present and their evaluation are the result of their personal experience as trainers. As such, this test has the sole and exclusive informal and confidential value and can in no way be taken as a reference as well as having no legal value.

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